Reflecting on reflections

I had a really wonderful session on Friday with a group of boys in Grade 6 that had an issue/incident the previous day. I believe the affective questions give kids a voice and an opportunity for genuine discussions to occur. I was surprised by the depth of discussion by the students. One student said that he had thought about what he would tell his children when they asked him what he had been like at school. He decided he didn’t want to tell them that he was a bully. That student has been volunteering at Reflection sessions at lunchtime. He said that at his previous schools he would have been considered a bully. Powerful stuff!

4 thoughts on “Reflecting on reflections

  1. Certainly is powerful stuff Andrew. Volunteers are getting so much out of the program also. The conversations sound so rich. Keep us posted as with clubs I can’t get there.
    Thanks for this post your blog has had a great launch.

  2. It was powerful! The students felt they were being heard by the adults- but more importantly, kids telling kids what they see and feel. Kids resolving conflicts and guiding others in behaviours they know too well- it’s a win win- maybe they see themselves in the kids they’re helping.
    It reminds me of the movie Ratatouille (yes, I did have to look that up) with the philosophy ‘everyone can cook’. In our case ‘everyone can be a leader’- it’s starting to ring true!

  3. I love that you have made time for this program Andrew. I believe adults listening more is important. Last week I had a misunderstanding with a Gr6 boy in the art room where he wasted alot of supplies, yes I was annoyed, but it wasn’t until I dismissed the class and took the time to get to the bottom of the situation did it become apparent that he truly believed he was using the right technique! As teachers we lead such busy lives and it is ‘go, go, go’ in the art room each lesson that it is difficult to make time like you have at lunch time. Good job!

  4. Thanks for your dedication to the lauch of reflection time. It is valued by the school community. Reflective langauge is very powerful and can change the attitude of students. I have really enjoyed the involvement of the senior school students in this project! you can see the change in them already!

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